Joe Pike, Website Designer & Front End Coder

I’m a London-based user interface designer and front end developer with 15 years experience working professionally in web design. I was formally the Senior Designer at Ehaus in London, a web design and development agency specialising in e-commerce websites for the book publishing and book selling industries.

What I do

I enjoy designing websites from wire-framing to coding, building responsive websites in HTML5 and CSS3 (including Sass), and constantly learning new stuff. I also work with WordPress and do some print based work and branding.

Clients I’ve had the privilege to work with include Oxfam, The OECD, Foyles Bookshop, Tesco, Yale and Waterstones amongst many others, you can view examples of my work on my Portfolio page and view some of my latest work on my Bēhance account.

My Tools

For design it normally begins with a sketchbook or paper and pen or pencil, then I use Adobe CC, Sketch and Affinity Designer to develop visual mock-ups. I use Sublime Text to handwrite HTML, CSS and Sass. For local development I use Codekit, MAMP and WordPress.


Originally a fine art graduate I’ve worked in several creative spheres including photography, set painting, mural design and set construction before specialising in web site design. Some of the more notable work I’ve been involved in included working on set for the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough and working on a shoot for the fashion photographer Tim Walker.


In my spare time I’m also a keen cyclist, skateboarder, photographer, traveller and I like playing records. I also occasionally make my own furniture, I really do sleep in my own bed.

Why Am I Me?

In simplistic terms I guess it has a lot to do with my parents and my grandparents, my grandparents parents and so on… But that doesn’t fully answer the question. I mean, in such a vast universe with so many living organisms how did it conspire that my spirit inhabits my body?

Despite trying to get to the bottom of  this deeply existential mystery for many years, the answer continues to elude me.