Jubilee Books Logo Refresh

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Jubilee Books Logo

I first designed a logo for Jubilee Books about 16 years ago, I just updated it by simplifying the design to make it more legible at smaller sizes.

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Affinity Designer

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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

I recently created a Christmas card design using Affinity Designer to send out to my contacts, the design for which is partially inspired by German born artist Josef Albers.

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Glad to hear Sketch App has won a Net Award for App of the Year. It’s proving to be a really useful tool in my armoury, why would you use Photoshop?

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Cleaning Up WordPress Menus

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How to remove extraneous menu item classes in WordPress menus whilst keeping the ones I need and the ones I generate using the custom menu feature.

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Had my laptop stolen a few weeks back which has made being a web designer pretty difficult, actually it’s made it completely impossible. Fortunately I was insured and have a shiny new computer and am able to work again. On top of that the sun is shining, the Tour de France starts tomorrow and my computer back up worked a treat. After a difficult few weeks I’m feeling positive again.

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